iDontix X-RIBBON INTRO 5ST (Samples)

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Breed flossband voor het reinigen van grotere ruimten tussen tanden en kiezen. Ook geschikt voor implantaten. 5 samplestroken van 20 cm. Prijs is incl. BTW. Lees meer

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X-Ribbon is a wide floss band packed per 5 sample strips of 20 cm. Ideal for flossing wide spaces between teeth and molars. Also suitable for cleaning implants under a click prosthesis.


  • The wide tape makes fast and easy cleaning possible. 
  • The wide tape provides a good grip. 
  • The rough surface of the tape ensures effective plaque removal.
  • Much easier to use than bandage gauze.
  • X-Ribbon is an Australian invention.

X-Ribbon X-Ribbon X-Ribbon X-Ribbon 

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