iDontix X-FLOSS LITE INTRO 5ST (Samples)

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Makkelijk te hanteren floss met flossnaald voor bruggen, beugels en implantaten. 5 flossdraden. Prijs is incl. BTW. Lees meer

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X-FLOSS LITE® is the same as X-Floss, but thinner. It is a twisted synthetic floss thread, complete with a sturdy nylon bridge needle. The X-Floss lite can be used several times. The braided polyamide floss thread cleans better than a non-woven thread and is gentle on the gums. X-Floss lite does not fluff and cleans its entire length. Packed per 5 pieces.


  • Ideal under bridge constructions and around implants. 
  • Does not fluff and is strong and durable. 
  • The volume and the surface structure make quick and effective removal of plaque possible. 
  • The sturdy bridge needle does not break and is already attached to the floss; therefore easy to handle in the mouth. 
  • X-Floss® lite is an Australian invention.

X-Floss Lite X-Floss Lite X-Floss Lite X-Floss Lite

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